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So you think you would like to be a REALTOR ?


In Honduras a person who sells real estate in this country traditionally has been a person that may know both a seller and a buyer and puts them together with an attorney and/or notary that transacts the deal and ‘agent’ who puts the three together then collects a commission for his referral service.


A ‘REALTOR’ on the other hand, with the assistance of their Broker, lists property and markets property for sale but only does such after there are title checks and due diligence regarding clear title, payment of property taxes, examination of a current survey and Cadastral survey. This level of knowledge and professionalism sets a ‘REALTOR’ apart from a person that may be selling real estate.  A REALTOR is a Professional.  A REALTOR has a true profession that requires education, training and attention to detail that is needed to help the Buyer, the Seller or in many cases both parties to make sure both are represented, protected and is treated honestly and professionally.

Being a REALTOR means you are setting up your own business. It is not unlike any other business that you may like to get into.  You would need the desire to start a business, a place to do it, the knowledge of what you are doing, money for to start that business, including marketing dollars to promote yourself and your image. You would also need the funds to obtain business permits, and many aspects to just start up. As a REALTOR Agent you would be self-employed working with and under the guidance of your Broker.  Your business like any business needs your attention, knowledge and investment.  Also just like any business you decide to go into you would need the knowledge to provide the service you are getting paid for or the product to sell.


What will you need to be successful?  Success in all instances comes from within. It will be your work ethic, your drive, your knowledge, your tenacity and your ambition that will determine your level of success. It also requires a financial commitment, which is not any different from any business that anyone decides to embark on.


There is a considerable amount of knowledge that you can achieve by accessing on-line studies including a study of the ‘International Code of Ethics’ for REALTORs.


Being a REALTOR means that you will need to also generate and cultivate your own ‘image’. Your image may be generated with the use of your own marketing which could be a simple web site, a blog, or maybe a series of YouTube videos.  Each REALTOR needs to determine who their fellow REALTOR competitors are in the market and where they can ‘fit’ and what may set them apart from others.  That may be that you wish to concentrate on clients from Europe, Canada, the United States or the Mainland of Honduras.


Every REALTOR needs to concentrate on first on their very own ‘local’ market.  Your friends, your neighbors, your relatives, people in your church and community organizations all need to know that you have made the decision to move forward in your REALTOR career. This circle will

Start you out with you asking all of them to let others also know that you are in the process of becoming a REALTOR.


Do you think you would like a career as a REALTOR? The contact information below can help you decide by providing additional information and can help with training.

Remember that this is your decision to become self-employed. This is a decision to work for yourself and with the help of your Broker not by yourself.


Your own efforts, planning and studies along with a knowledgeable and helpful Broker will determine your success or failure. He can help but he cannot do it for you.


For the Bay islands contact Larry Schlesser at 2455-7220 or at  lschlesser@remax.net


For the rest of the country contact Rafael Aguilar  at  9968 – 4475 or rafaguilarhn@gmail.com