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In this new world of technology REALTORs, (Professional real estate practitioners), have joined forced in many places in this country to place hundreds of properties in computer data bases that you can search. These data bases, are called ‘Multiple Listing Services’ or an ‘MLS’ and they allow you to search and select properties, options and information where you wish to buy property by sorting available options in regard to what is available, what you wish to pay, included in these data bases are locations and often have maps of exactly where the properties are. They will show how many bedrooms, baths, the sizes of the building and sizes of the land itself. After you generate that search, the properties that are available, and often what you are looking for come up for you with all the information you need, including photos. You can sit at home and shop with considerable information, helping you find just what you may be looking for.
For the Country of Honduras, (including some listings in the Bay Islands)
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Or for all of the listings in the Bay Islands and some on the north coast-
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If you do not have a computer that is readily available, you can go to your REALTOR and he can help you with the search so that Purchasers and Sellers can far easier obtain the service that they seek.

In the case of a REALTOR representing the sale of your property it is very important that you receive professional consultation. You should ask yourself. Is your real estate agent a REALTOR? Does your REALTOR participate in a ‘MLS’ (a Multiple Listing Service)? How will he market and promote the sale of your property? Will he advertise it on his web site or possibly other web sites? Does he have a record of success? Can he provide you with a ‘CMA’ (Certified Market Analysis) or a ‘BPO’ (Broker’s Price Opinion) which gives you an accurate price that the market says you can get for your property?

Often Sellers tend to price their property using their hearts not their minds. A REALTOR can evaluate the market to give you the price that he believes the market represents. A price your property will actually sell for. Remember……… a property is only worth what someone is will to pay for it.

Consult with your local professional REALTOR when you wish to Buy. He can show you all the properties available in the data base that would fit your exact criteria. This will save you many, many hours of searching through newspapers or driving up and down streets looking for signs. He can also give you a step by step process that will give you a clear idea of both what he can do and what the process will be to you to have a safe and successful experience.

Talk with your REALTOR. He can assist you whether you are a Buyer or a Seller.